THE CARE PROJECT (7 January - 31 March 2022)

Target: Raise $200,000 for 2000 counselling sessions for up to 500 individuals and families. 
Donate to sponsor someone for their counselling sessions and get your donations matched dollar-for-dollar by the Tote board!

Borders are slowly opening up, and life, after a bumpy ride in the last 2 years, might just regain some sense of normalcy soon.

‘Normalcy’, even before the pandemic, has always looked vastly different for all of us. We all go through relational and mental stressors at some point in our lives; some more often and pro-longed than the rest of us. Can you imagine needing help for such issues but not getting it, simply because you cannot afford it?

Our Therapists conducted over 6,000 counselling sessions with individuals and families last year; out of which, 51% of them couldn’t have gotten the help they needed if it were not for the heavily-subsidised counselling fees they received.

It is highly likely that the level of underlying mental health problems will remain significantly higher than in the past years and in turn, we expect more current and new service-users needing sustained or higher levels of fee subsidies.

We need your help to continue to serve those in need. Please donate to help make counselling affordable for all.

Your donation will help us conduct 2000 counselling sessions for up to 500 individuals and families.

Thank you for having the heart to care!

TDR will be issued for donations of $10 and above.


For PayNow using ibanking, please scan the following QR Code:

Please remember to indicate CARE PROJECT & your NRIC/UEN NUMBER in the ‘Enter UEN/Bill Reference No.’ section.



To make a cash donation, you may wish to visit us during office hours (9am to 5pm) on weekdays.

Please remember to specify that you are donating towards the ‘CARE PROJECT’.


Please kindly cross your cheque to Counselling and Care Centre and mail it to:

Counselling and Care Centre
Blk 536 Upper Cross Street
#05-241 Hong Lim Complex
Singapore 050536

Please remember to indicate your name, NRIC number, contact number and the campaign name, ‘CARE PROJECT’ on the reverse side of the cheque!



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