The counselling practice of the Counselling and Care Centre is grounded on the simple philosophy of respect and honour; respecting individuality and honouring diversity. We have all experienced being not heard, not seen and not understood.

As therapists, we believe in the strength and resourcefulness of our clients that the resolution to their life difficulties emerges from within them. We believe and are dedicated to creating a safe space to sit with their pains and to hear their struggles, touching them with compassion and understanding to bring healing and renewed strength. The focus of therapy is to help our clients move forward in life and living by awakening and bringing forth their inner resources for growth, learning and renewed confidence.

Systemic thinking is the primary overarching theoretical framework that guides the counselling practice of the therapists at the Centre. Systemic thinking is about seeing beyond what appears to be isolated and independent events to seeing patterns of interaction and the structures that influence these patterns. As such, our therapists would examine and work with the concerns of the clients in relation to the different parts of themselves (thinking, feelings, behaviours and/or experiences) and/or their relationships to reduce the level of dissonance the client experiences (Becvar & Becvar, 2012). In the process of therapy, our therapists may extend the invitation to the client to involve other parts of themselves and/or their significant members to change the patterns in the relationships.

As the Centre part of the centre’s belief in professional accountability and support, every therapist undergoes regular supervision by the professional staff team as well as external consultants. With the permission of the client, the team approach is also used regularly to observe recorded sessions and/or live sessions and give feedback to therapists as part of the centre’s collaborative effort towards care and healing. This is to ensure that the therapists do not work alone but are well supported in their work. In protection of the client’s confidentiality, the client’s permission is sought and recorded segments are protected by passwords and are deleted after supervision.

Modes of Counselling




Face to Face

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