EAP is a professional, confidential programme designed to engage employees to deal with their personal and relational difficulties that may impede their physical health, work performance, mental and psychological well-being. CCC is able to provide a contracted service under EAP, offering counselling to employees as part of the organisation’s employee welfare programme.

Counselling and Care Centre is one of the official EAP service providers under the Employer Support Grant by the National Council of Social Service that aims to encourage hiring of persons with mental health conditions by defraying the
cost that would be incurred by employers in the course of providing training opportunities or workplace adjustments. [Grant period ends in February 2023]

The EAP contract is an agreement between the employer and CCC. It may specify the number of counselling sessions that the staff is entitled to during the contracted period. There is a fee chargeable per counselling session which will be agreed upon when contracting with CCC. Invoice will be issued to the employer on a monthly basis. The particulars of the employee attending the counselling sessions will be revealed in the invoice only upon mutual agreement between the employee and the employer.

The therapists of the Centre are members of the professional bodies such as Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC), Association for Marital and Family Therapy, Singapore (AMFTS) and/or Singapore Association for Social Workers (SASW). These Associations’ Code of Ethics ensures the ethical and high practise standards of their members.

We abide by the Code of Ethics by respecting clients’ need that information arisng from the sessions is kept confidential and private.  There are, however, limits to the boundaries of confidentiality as we also value life and living.  Therefore when there is potential harm to self or others, we are duty-bound to inform relevant persons who can best take relevant and responsible action to prevent such injury or harm.

For more information on our EAP programme, please submit an enquiry. You may also call Ms Peggy Wong on 65366366.


Under the EAP contract, employees may make an appointment with CCC directly for counselling by completing the appointment form. Employees can check with their HR for the form link.

Alternatively, they may call us on 65366366 during office hours to arrange for an appointment. Callers will be asked to provide basic information about themselves, their employer, and the reasons for seeking counselling.

For enquiries about your EAP appointment, you may call Ms Leung Mui Fang on 65366366.


We recognise employees are valuable members of an organization. During the unforeseen circumstances of a crisis or following a traumatic incident, employees may be emotionally and psychologically affected by the event. The affected employees may have recurring thoughts of the incident and difficulty sleeping or eating. These effects if unattended may lead to a spike in sick leave or decline in concentration.

These are normal effects of a crisis and the Centre’s psychotherapists are available to provide counselling or psychological debriefing to affected employees to ensure their continued well-being. The counselling may be carried out on-site with an individual and/or a group of staff members who were affected on the job.

We will be strictly following the safety measures in accordance with the existing COVID-19 regulations for all CISD sessions.

For more information on CISD, please submit an enquiry. You may also call Ms Anu Cherian on 65366366.

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