Working with Parents and Children Encountering Alienation: Experiences of Separation and Divorce

Working with Parents and Children Encountering Alienation: Experiences of Separation and Divorce

Dr. Chip Chimera, Former Director of Continuous Professional Development and Innovation, Institute of Family Therapy

Chip Chimera is a family, individual and group therapist and supervisor with a thriving independent practice and many years’ experience in undertaking family assessments for the UK Courts when parents are in high conflict following separation. She teaches systemic practice and leads personal and professional development sessions at several universities. Chip is also a psychodrama psychotherapist. Recent publications include ‘Olena’s Battle for Utopia’ a chapter in Long Term Systemic Therapy, and ‘Nothing but the Truth’ in Safety, danger, and protection in the Family, Community, and the World A systemic and attachment-informed approach in press.



VCF Grant Participants from eligible organisations: 31 July 2023

Others: 15 September 2023



5, 6 October 2023; Thursday, Friday


SGT 9:00 AM – 5.00 PM


This workshop will be conducted face-to-face. Confirmed participants will be receiving the venue details in due course. Please note that the mode of the workshop may be subject to changes.


This workshop will examine the controversial phenomena of parental alienation. The increasingly prevalent presentation of this issue in therapy and in the international courts attracts a great deal of heated and controversial attention. This workshop will examine the concept itself: its history, current research surrounding it, practice dilemmas and some helpful interventions.
Systemic and psychological constructs which add to our understanding will be identified and discussed and related to methods of assessment and intervention. Participants will be encouraged to apply the ideas to their own clinical work. Dr. Chip has 20+ years working in this field and will bring many case examples and a rich practice experience.


This workshop will support the development new and experienced staff who are working with children, youth, and families.


  • Consequences for children of long-term parental conflict
  • Family dynamics and the experience of children caught up in toxic communication between parents
  • Continuum of conflict and children’s alignment as a result of exposure to forces they are developmentally unable to comprehend
  • Communication, systemic dynamics, and the impact of neurobiological process to understand the dilemma facing the children as well as their parents and the professionals tying to help them
  • Current understandings of effective interventions


  • Didactic presentation;
  • Skills-building exercises;
  • Live case consultation demonstrating theory;
  • Q&A.


Workshop Fee: SG $1,400 per participant (including GST). This workshop is pending pre-approved  CCF (formerly known as VCF) grant.  
Group registration discounts are available! Please write to for further information.
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