At PAS, we aim to help you understand more about yourself, your relationship with others, or how to support your child with emotional/learning needs.

Here is an overview of our services:



Do you wonder about your emotional or learning issues, or why others respond the way they do towards you? Would you want to learn more about yourself or your personality traits to find new ways to address your challenges?

PAS aims to collaborate with you to answer the questions you have been curious about. 

Psychological Assessment Service [PAS]


Are you worried about your child’s challenges with learning, or peer relationships, or emotional health and would like to know how to help them? As a student, are you concerned about how your challenges at school may hinder your school performance?

PAS aims to collaborate with you and/or your child to identify your challenges and support you to address them. 

Psychological Assessment Service [PAS]



Dr. Ang Xinying

Senior Psychologist
Registered Psychologist (Singapore), Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology), University of Alabama

Dr. Xinying received her training in psychological assessment while working in public service, as well as during graduate school and on her post-doctoral fellowship in the U.S. She is grateful to her past supervisors and teachers who contributed to her competencies in using a range of assessment tools, as well as reliable and valid measures to support her clients. Dr. Xinying has conducted cognitive and mental health assessments with children, adolescents and adults in a variety of settings, including a community mental health centre, an ADHD clinic, youth detention facilities and psychiatric hospitals. She believes in providing a compassionate and therapeutic space to facilitate her clients’ self-discovery in the process of assessment.

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