The Employment-Focused Peer Support Group serves as a resource for employed individuals who are coping with career transitions into a new job role or sector. It offers psycho-emotional support, coping strategies, and fosters social connections to improve the attendees’ well-being and job readiness.

Over 5 mindfully-crafted sessions, the support group will provide a safe space for a focused and comprehensive exploration of topics that will be relevant to those who are going through employment-related challenges.

Please see below for the schedule of the upcoming support group sessions in September 2023, and the respective topics. All sessions will be conducted from 7.30pm – 9.30pm at Counselling and Care Centre, 535 Upper Cross Street, Hong Lim Complex, #05-231, Singapore – 050535. The nearest MRT is Chinatown [Exit G]. 

Session 1: Introduction & Engaging with the Idea of Change 25 January 2024, Thursday
Session 2: Mental Toughness & Dealing with Transitions   1 February 2024, Thursday
Session 3: Managing Conflicts & Relationships in the Workplace 8 February 2024, Thursday
Session 4: Developing and Creating Meaning at Work 22 February 2024, Thursday
Session 5: Self-Management and Goal-Setting 29 February 2024, Thursday


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if I am assigned to a support group after registration?
Please wait for our email confirmation on your registration and the support group. We will do this as soon as we reach the minimum number of attendees required to run the group [5 pax].

2. How many members are there in a support group?
5-10 members.

3. Who will be running the support group?
A professional, registered Counsellor from CCC will be facilitating the support group.

4. Is the sharing in the support group private and confidential?
Absolutely; everything you share in the support group is private and confidential, and there will be no recordings made. The Counsellor facilitating the sessions will emphasize on respecting each others’ privacy and remind all members at the start of every session that all information shared during the sessions must not be shared with external parties outside the group.

5. What language is the support group conducted in?
All sessions will be conducted in English.

6. Will I be meeting the same members at every session?
Yes, you will from session 2 onwards. We may include new members who missed the first session but the composition of the group will be the same after session 2.

7. What if I miss a session?
Unfortunately, there will be no make-up sessions or deferrals to other support groups. We hope that all members commit to all 5 sessions to avoid disruptions.

8. Do I have to pay for the support group sessions?
The sessions are free for all attendees.

9. Do I have to be employed to join this support group?
The primary objective of this support group is to offer assistance to employed individuals. Nevertheless, if you find yourself in a career break, and believe that this support group could be beneficial, we encourage you to register. A counsellor will get in touch with you to discuss how the group can cater to your specific needs.


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