The course will be funded under the non-preapproved PCG route for VWOs.

Application Deadline : 2 August 2024


This is an 84 hours part-time programme to equip trainees to work with children, youth and their families. This programme will provide trainees with a greater understanding of the dynamics of children, youth and their families from a systemic framework. Its distinctive feature is the emphasis on facilitating trainees’ development of a repertoire of skills and techniques through guidance and supervision on their clinical practice with children, youth and their families.

Learning Outcomes

This course enables participants to:
1. Provide an intermediate level of theoretical and clinical training in working with children, youth and their families, with a systemic approach.
2. Enable trainees to apply clinical and case management skills appropriately in convening and engaging children, youth and
their families in a range of challenging issues and in working with them systemically in multi-disciplinary settings.
3. Increase self- reflexivity of trainees by generating an understanding of self as a practitioner in clinical practice and in
management of ethical dilemmas.


84 Hours, 5 Months.


The course will be on Fridays, 9am to 5pm.


Course Modules Trainers
1. Principles and precepts in working with Children, Youth and their Families
  • In this component, trainees will revisit and reconnect with a selection of systemic theories and models that are effective for working with children, youth and families.
  •  It seeks to lay a theoretical foundation based on systemic concepts, and introduce useful frameworks of practice.
Cheryl Lim, Ang Xinying, Tony Ong
2. Understanding the emotional world of children and youth 
  • This component focuses on understanding children and youth, their development, sexuality, their relationship with play, socialization and change.
  • This includes working with children, youth and their emotions, children and youth who had experienced traumatic experiences, and skills in bringing forth strength and resilience.
Ang Xinying, Foo Soo Jen, Cheryl Lim
3. Supervision of Clinical Practice with Children, Youth and their Families
  • Opportunities will be given to trainees for the acquisition and honing of counselling skills in working with children, youth and their families through skills demonstration and practice, group and individual supervision.
Cheryl Lim, Tony Ong

Minimum Class Size: 10
Average Teacher-Student Ratio: 1:10


Teaching and Learning Strategies

Group supervision will be conducted in small groups (not more than 10 persons) at our premise. Each group will be assigned with a supervisor for interactive and experiential learning such as group discussions, reflective exercises, audio/video-taped demonstration of clinical work and supervised practice of clinical work.

Applicants should:
1. Be at least 23 years old and proficient in English.
2. Possess a degree in Counselling, Psychology or Social Work and/or post graduate diploma in Social Work or Counselling.
3. Have completed CST, CSA or PGC-STA (conducted by CCC) or equivalent of a postgraduate certificate/basic course in systemic thinking and family therapy with at least 40 training course hours.
4. Be social workers/youth workers/counsellors/psychologists who have a minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience and currently working with children/youth services and their families at children and youth services, family service centres, residential homes, schools, medical and psychiatric hospitals.
5. Obtain relevant permission for audio/video recorded materials to be utilised for supervision in class, and/or for clients to be brought in for live supervised practice.

Methods of Assessment

Project Paper.

Assessment Schedule

Submission of project paper by the course end date.

Requirements for Completion

Trainees should:
1. Attendance of at least 80% of total 84 course hours.
2. Submit and pass (Score 50% and above) a project paper
3. Complete clinical log of children/youth related work (20hrs)
4. Video supervision presentation


Trainees will be awarded ‘Post Graduate Certificate in Systemic Practice with Children, Youth & their Families’ upon fulfilling the Requirements for Completion.

Opportunities for Further Education

Post Graduate Diploma in:

  • Family and Systemic Practice


Date of commencement 8 September 2023
Date of completion 1 December 2023

Documents for Application

Submission of the following supportive documents is required for processing of the application:
1. CV
2. Educational qualifications and highest English language proficiency (with grades attained, if applicable)
3. Completed Letter of reference from the home agency/ Employer 
4. Completed Certification by Centre Head

Shortlisted Applicants 

  • Shortlisted applicants will be notified via email within 7 days from the closing date of application if they are accepted to the course.

How to Apply

Please submit the Training Application Form when the applications are open.


For further information, please submit your enquiries using the Contact Us form. Please remember to mention the name of the course you are enquiring about. 

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