The course will be funded under the non-preapproved PCG route for VWOs.

UPCOMING INTAKE: 4 July 2024 to 30 May 2025
Application Deadline: 25 March 2024


The Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Supervision is designed to help senior social service  professionals develop their supervision practice in clinical work by equipping them with  knowledge and skills essential for competent clinical supervision. Clinical supervision is a task  that senior social workers and senior counsellors are frequently expected to shoulder as part of  their job description. It is crucial in ensuring a high standard of service, to further the  professional development of staff and to support staff in the demanding cases that they handle.

Learning Outcomes

This course enables participants to:
1. Grasp concepts and theories of supervision.
2.  Describe and demonstrate supervision skills. 
3. Utilise the systemic approach as a practice model of supervision.
4. Understand how to work with supervisees and supervisory issues. 
5.  Develop personally and professionally through developing self-reflexivity in clinical and  supervisory practice.
6.  Enhance competency in supervision practice through experiential learning of a variety  of supervision modalities, including live supervision and supervision-of-supervision  (SOS).


165 hours (part-time), 11 months.


The course offers 165 hours of theoretical teaching, supervision practicum, and personal  development sessions. Other than occasional exceptions, classes are held on Thursdays from  9am to 1pm. The distinctive feature of this course lies in the provision of live supervision of  trainees’ supervision of their staff-supervisees from their respective agencies. As part of this  experience, trainees will have the opportunity to engage in regular team reflections where  feedback on supervisory practices and processes are exchanged.

Course Modules Trainers
1. Concepts & Theories of  Supervision Cheryl Lim, Foo Soo Jen, Steven Soh
2. Person of the Supervisor &  Issues of Supervision Foo Soo Jen, Jadelyn Lim (Mrs Jade Low), Sharon Koh  (Mrs Sharon Sng), Steven Soh, Terence Tan, Tony  Ong
3. Methods and Skills of  Supervision Practice Cheryl Lim, Foo Soo Jen, Jadelyn Lim (Mrs Jade Low),  Sharon Koh (Mrs Sharon Sng), Terence Tan


Minimum Class Size: 12

Average Teacher-Student Ratio: 1:6

Teaching & Learning Strategies

The course adopts an integrated approach comprising lectures, readings, experience of clinical supervision (based on the modes of supervision taught in the course), and “live” supervision of supervision (SOS), besides group personal development, written assignments and clinical supervision viva.

Group supervision will be conducted in small groups at our premises for interactive and experiential learning to integrate theory to practice

Applicants should:
1. Be at least 24 years old and is proficient in English. 
2.  Possess a degree in Counselling, Psychology or Social Work and/or post graduate  diploma in Social Work or Counselling.
3. Preferably have completed basic training in systems thinking such as “Foundational  Certificate in Systemic Thinking and Applications” conducted by CCC.
4. Have a minimum of 3 years of clinical/casework experiences within the current and  immediate past years.
5. Have at least 2 years of clinical supervision practice which include providing supervision  for two staff supervisees in their own work settings.
6. Be able to obtain relevant permission for audio/video recorded materials from their work  agencies to be utilised for supervision in class, and for their supervisees to be brought  in for live supervised practice

Methods of Assessment

Supervision position paper, learning portfolio, 50-hr agency supervision log; clinical supervision  viva and project paper

Assessment Schedule

1. Submission of Agency Supervision Log 1 on the last week of November (end of first semester).
2. Submission of Learning Portfolio on the first week of January (start of second semester).
3. Sitting for the Clinical Viva on the third week of May (end of second semester).
4. Submission of Project Paper and Agency Supervision Log 2 on the fourth week of May (course end date).

Requirements for Completion

Trainees should:
1.  Attain attendance of at least 80% of total 165 course hours.
2.  Submit ‘Supervision Position Paper ‘.
3. Submit 50-hour log for agency supervision work. 
4. Participate in personal development sessions.
5. Obtain a pass grade for the Learning Portfolio, Clinical Supervision Viva, and Project  Paper.

Trainees will be awarded ‘Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Supervision’ upon fulfilling the  Requirements for Completion

Opportunities for Further Education

Post Graduate Certificate in:

  • Systemic Thinking and Approaches
  • Systemic Practice with Children, Youth and their Families
  • Systemic Practice with Couples

Post Graduate Diploma in:

  • Family and Systemic Practice

2023/2024 INTAKE

JULY 2023
Date of commencement 4 July 2024
Date of completion 30 May 2025

Documents for Application

Submission of the following supportive documents is required for processing of the application:
1. CV
2. Educational qualifications and highest English language proficiency (with grades attained, if applicable)
3. Completed Letter of reference from the home agency/ Employer
4. Personal statement – A letter of introduction not exceeding 500 words on your reasons and/or experiences that have shaped your desire to apply for this course of study

Shortlisted Applicants

  • Applicants will be notified via email within 7 days from the closing date of application if they have been shortlisted for an interview.
  • Only shortlisted applicants will be scheduled for an entrance interview to assess suitability for admission into the course.
  • Shortlisted applicants are expected to prepare an audio/videotaped segment of their clinical work in their work settings as part of the interview.
  • The Interview will be scheduled between 15 April to 29 May 2024. Applicant will be notified via email within 14 working days after the end of the interview period if they are accepted to the course.

How to Apply

Please submit the Training Application Form when the applications are open.


For further information, please submit your enquiries using the Contact Us form. Please remember to mention the name of the course you are enquiring about.

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