Clinical Supervision: Clinicians’ Perspectives and Practices: Towards Professionalising Counselling

Edited by Christine Lim and Elijah Sim (2014)
Clinical Supervision offers various perspectives of clinical supervision, with rich anecdotal examples of actual supervisory practices.

More about the book

The overriding purpose of Clinical Supervision is to guide counsellors as they learn from their experiences and grow in knowledge and skills, as well as to ensure a high service standard for the clients served. Counselling practitioners and major policymakers are beginning to recognise the importance of clinical supervision for the professionalisation of the field as they acknowledge the need for professional development in addition to obtaining academic qualifications in counselling, psychology, or social work.

Written by authors who practice counselling and supervision in their daily work, this book is not simply a collection of theoretical ideas, but a demonstration of how such ideas are experienced in supervisory challenges and practices. It is written for practising supervisors, aspiring supervisors, counsellors, managers, and social service personnel who have the common desire to cultivate a supervisory culture that is conducive for growth and learning, with the aim of delivering the ultimate dividend for clients… their wellbeing.

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