Counselling: A Problem Solving Approach

by Anthony Yeo (1993)
Written from the author’s more than 20 years’ experience as a psychotherapist and marriage-and-family therapist, this useful book offers an uncomplicated, four-step approach to problem-solving, as well as knowledge and relevant case studies to deal with difficult situations in counselling.

More about the Book

This book is part of the endeavour to produce materials and contribute to the pool of resources within Asia for counselling development. It is a modest but nonetheless earnest attempt to provide another resource for effective counselling practice among mental health professionals.

An earlier introductory book on counselling, A Helping Hand (1981), was written to meet a basic need for anyone interested in helping others with problems. It was aimed at a wide range of people, mostly non-professionals in mental health. Since then, it has been reprinted many times and is still being used not only by non-professionals but those who are starting on their counselling training.

This book builds on the earlier one by bringing the issues to those who are beginning their professional development as counsellors. It is also useful to those who are already in the mental health profession, whether they be in the social service, medical, or religious sectors.

The reader might find it useful to read A Helping Hand for background and use this book to further their knowledge and skills in various generic issues in counselling. The problem-solving approach is used with strategies for problem-solving explained. Hopefully, as the reader becomes more familiar with this particular approach in counselling, he will seek to integrate other approaches in order to avoid restricting himself in seeking to become a competent counsellor.

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