Labyrinth of Therapeutic Encounters: Collected Essays on Counselling and Psychotherapy

Edited by Anthony Yeo (2006) 
This book contains some of the insights, amassed over the years, of the various authors’ experiences, with particular focus on the personal reflections of the therapists, the different models of intervention, and the issues pertinent to enhancing knowledge and skills in counselling and psychotherapy. The authors’ examples of the therapy sessions offer readers a practice-oriented perspective to learning counselling and psychotherapy.

More about the Book

Counselling and Psychotherapy can be a meandering experience for the therapist and client. Each offers to the other an experience that can be mystifying, empowering, and healing. The process can sometimes be experienced as a labyrinth as therapists facilitate clients in the healing journey, offering insights into the deeper recesses of the internal world of the clients.

As therapists, we have much to learn from clients’ experiences and in documenting our learning process, we have discovered that counselling and psychotherapy can be a challenging and energy-generating encounter. We believe such learning can be articulated and shared.

The authors use their clinical experiences with examples of therapy sessions for illustrating the kind of work they do with clients to offer readers with a practice-oriented perspective to learning counselling and psychotherapy.

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