Agencies and corporations may request for specialised in-house training programmes and workshops that meet the particular needs of their staff. These are non-CPE courses.

Some of the topics covered through customised training and workshops recently include:

  • Systems Thinking within the Context of Case Management
  • Systems Thinking in the Context of School Counselling
  • Crisis Counselling for New Crisis Buddies
  • Intermediate Counselling Skills Training
  • Systemic Approach in Working with Children in Care
  • Systemic Approach to Family Work
  • Emotional First-Aid Skills for Frontline HR Practitioners
  • Self-Care for Helping Professionals: Making Sense of Life During Covid-2019 & Journeying Together
  • Mental Wellness 101

To request a customised training or workshop for your employees, please fill up the Training Request Form and submit your request.

Before you login to the form, please prepare billing information, UEN. No. of your agency and the number of participants and their years of casework/counselling experiences (if any).

For a list of short term training programmes that we had conducted for agencies and corporations in the past, you may also refer to our Annual Reports. 

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