CPE registered courses:

The Post Graduate Certificates and Diploma courses are registered with CPE. The courses are generally more than 50 hours in duration and aim to equip trainees with competency in knowledge and clinical practice as part of their professional development and qualifications in Counselling, Family Therapy, and Clinical Supervision.

Customised Training courses:

Customised training courses are short courses that are less than 50 hours, with curriculums that are designed to meet specific training needs of a group of employees in clinical and supervisory practice of an organisation.

Workshops, Conferences, Talks

The centre invites world-renowned professionals on a yearly basis to speak at our workshops and conferences. These short training sessions aim to enable participants to keep abreast of the global development and network in professional clinical practice.
The Centre’s Therapists may conduct ad-hoc talks to organisations and the public on mental health issues upon request.

Here is an overview of our training service:

For Post Graduate Certificate and Post Graduate Diploma: Trainees and Graduates of CCC may request the following information by emailing

  1. Graduation Rate (% of trainees graduating within the expected period)
  2. Attrition Rate
  3. Failure Rate (based on 2nd attempt)
  4. Progression Rate
  5. Pass Rate (first attempt)
  6. Average Mark
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